Management Consulting

L & A provides management consultancy services for several areas from concept to commissioning in many of the sectors;

L & A supports the client in preparing & implementing the new strategy suitable to the business development as per the new market trends.

Capacity Building

L & A  provides capacity building services to various sectors from international clients to local clients in developing the firms inner strength from the existing resources and thereby developing a sustainable plan for the future ahead.

Research Development

L & A helps the clients by conducting research studies:

The sources of information includes the following, but are not limited to –

Primary Sources

  • Online Surveys
  • Report-Based Customized Questionnaires
  • Follow-up Interviews (via phone or virtually) with key decision makers

Secondary Sources

  • Government Statistical Databases
  • Company Websites/Annual Reports
  • Trade Publications
  • Online Databases
  • Offline Databases such as CD-ROMs
  • Published Research Reports
  • Whitepapers by International Agencies
  • Press Releases of Key Market Players