Why Select L & A Professional Services

Why Select L & A Professional Services, LLC

Services with this company begin with a needs assessment and initial consultation for our partners and clients. This assessment allows precise determination of services and establishes partnership expectations. Next, in line with the company’s ingenuity, the CEO brings her education and training to the process, while considering and selecting affiliate responsibility. Finally, the production of requested services take shape, which confirms L & A Professional Services, LLC as having had the opportunity to fulfill the requests provided by our partners and clients. We apply the expertise of all affiliates, and maintain the company’s foundational principles (ingenuity). Only through this Integrated Service Delivery Model, does all our management consulting, capacity building, and research development ensure Accurate, Beneficial, and Comprehensive services.

Services are precise and detail oriented.
Services allow cultivation of change to occur!
Services are reflective of needs assessment, free consultation, agreement, and understanding!
  • Accurate Services

  • Beneficial Services

  • Comprehensive Services


Management Consulting

  • Public-Relation and Corporate Strategy
  • Infrastructure Sectors
  • Finance Sectors
  • Business Plans
  • Professional Business Writing Services
  • Organizational Design
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology Strategy
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Logistics


Individual Counseling, Life Coaching, Group Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling

Capacity Building

  • Training
  • Retreat
  • Workshop
  • Webinar
  • Convention
  • Seminar
  • Conferences
  • Symposium
  • Mental Health Therapy
Retreat, Workshop, Webinars,
Convention, Seminar,
Conferences, Symposium

Research Development

  • Strategic Formulation
  • Research Reports
  • Industry Insight Reports
  • White Papers
  • Statistics and Trends
Program Evaluation, Keynote Speech, Speaking Engagement,
Editing Service, Educational Service,
Program Development, Guidance and Counseling Programs

Video Marketing

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Entities Serviced

Individuals, Groups, Families, Organizations, Law Enforcement Agency

School/Districts, Business, Hospital, Small Business, Computer Management

Available Topics


  • Climate/Morale
  • Diversity and Sensitivity
  • Race and Ethnic Considerations
  • Discrimination
  • Effective Teaming
  • Sexuality in Workplace


Suggested topics are welcomed!

  • Transition
  • Downscaling
  • Leadership Development
  • Skills-Transference
  • Internal Obstacles
  • Goal Setting
  • Workplace Inclusion
  • Committee Organization