Meet Dr. Lisa A. Wines, Ph.D., LPC, CSC

Chief Executive Officer

Personal Biography:

Dr. Lisa A. Wines has a doctorate in Counselor Education from Sam Houston State University; a master’s degree in counseling from Prairie View A&M University; and a bachelor’s degree in English from Grambling State University. She is a licensed professional counselor for the state of Texas, and a certified school counselor. She holds memberships to American Counseling Association and Texas Counseling Association.

She has served as a university faculty member, an adjunct instructor/professor, an intern in private-practice and psychiatric settings, has worked as a school counselor for 10 years, and pro re nata (PRN) in a behavioral hospital.

Dr. Wines is passionate about diversifying treatment options with alternative methods such as meditation, massage therapy, and use of essential oils (aroma therapy). Research exploring the use of virtual reality is her next endeavor, if proven effective in working with clients.

She often engages in the training and development of graduate students, to the point of beginning a Hands of Grace Intern Program in her counseling practice. She has taught multiple counseling courses- on-campus and online- delivering instruction as far as China and Australia. She has published a book, articles, and chapters in the field of mental health and school counseling, and presented at the local, state, national, and international levels. Over the past 18 years, she has participated in and developed study abroad programs, which inevitably has heightened her cultural awareness- both nationally and internationally- a true appreciation for our existing similarities and differences!

Dr. Wines fundamentally believes people have the capacity to resolve their own problems with awareness and a willingness to change. In relationships, the answers to questions are found by looking at trends and plausible outcomes, along with self-acceptance and a commitment to live authentically. Living a well-balanced life means being able to nurture oneself and to recognize our existence is made more meaningful when we serve others! Ultimately, she promotes true evaluation of past and present circumstances and instills that what we think- we become, and how we interpret our experience affects how we feel and behave!

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Company Ingenuity

L & A Professional Services, LLC. was birth through intrapersonal desire to own a small business! The L & A represent the initials of persons intricate in the development of this company. The ampersand symbolizes the relationship experienced between two entities, but more, is symbolic of continuation and continuity. The two pillars represent reliability, prominent support, and strength, placed in a stair-step sequence, suggesting a rise, change, or progression. The colors are blue, green, and silver. Blue represents depth, stability, trust, loyalty, faith and truth. The color green indicates growth, harmony, and healing. Silver communicates intuition, insight, and spirituality, and is known to help cleanse and release mental, physical, and emotional blockages. The newest addition is the peacock and its feather, representative of vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection, and watchfulness. All components combined, in the creation of this company and its logo, have an unwavering impact in the life of Dr. Lisa A. Wines, partners, and clients served.

Meet the Affiliates

Coupled with a highly-qualified, terminally degreed Chief Executive Officer, the team at  L & A Professional Services, LLC consist of expert support members or employees, such as independent contractors, consultants, tenants, and expats. All affiliates of L & A Professional Services, LLC are ethnically and culturally diverse with niche training and specific industry crafts.  Additionally, some affiliates are computer-literate and proficient in English, dual, and multiple-language capacities. Finally, affiliates must apply, are back-ground and referenced checked, E-verified, and engage in an interview process with company leaders and potential colleagues. Contracted statements of non-compete and disclosure must be signed by prior to employment or any form of association with L & A Professional Services, LLC.


What stood out to me through receiving training services from Dr. Lisa A. Wines is a reminder of the “concern for my officers’ well-being.

Captain Jason Brady,
Corpus Christi Police Department Hostage Negotiations Team

Professional Experiences


  • 2011- Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education, Sam Houston State University
  • 2003- Master of Arts in Counseling, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas.
  • 1998- Bachelor of Arts in English, Grambling State University, Grambling, Louisiana.


  • 2016- L&A Professional Counseling Services – Houston, Texas
  • 2014- L & A Professional Services, LLC.- Houston, Texas
  • 2013- Lamar University- Beaumont, Texas
  • 2011- Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi, Texas
  • 2007- Sam Houston State University- Huntsville, Texas
  • 2004- Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District- Cypress, Texas
  • 2002- Alief Independent School District- Houston, Texas
  • 1999- Aldine Independent School District- Houston, Texas

Licenses and Certifications

  • 2016- Licensed Professional Counselor for the State of Texas
  • 2012- Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern for the State of Texas
  • 2003- Certified School Counselor through State Board of Educator Certification
  • 2001- Certified Elementary Self-Contained through State Board of Educator Certification

Specialized Training

  • 2015- NBCC Mental Health Facilitator Training
  • 2014- HIPPA Training
  • 2014- Child Protection and Abuse Prevention
  • 2013- Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (SAMA)
  • 2013- Consultation, Advisement, Review & Evaluation Team (Crisis Situations)
  • 2013- Student Hearing Panel and Appellate Board Member and Chair
  • 2013- Inclusive Excellence for Institutional Multiculturalism and Diversity
  • 2013- Sexual Assault
  • 2012- Suicidal and Homicidal Patient Care
  • 2012- Study Abroad Assessment and Programming
  • 2007- Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports
  • 2006- National Organization for Victim Assistance